The availability box below lists the cost of the tickets from various stops & the date shown applies to the last day of term. To book tickets - simply select the number of passengers - change this to '1' if required and select the BOOK NOW button below to proceed securely online.


Summer Second Half Term - Baldock145.002+
Summer Second Half Term - Royston155.002+
Year 70.002+
Year 80.002+
Year 90.002+
Year 100.002+
Year 110.002+
Year 120.002+
Year 130.002+

Please contact us if the availability you require is not shown.


901 Service runs term time only Monday to Friday

0730 Royston, Fieldfare Way/Heron Way Bus Stop
0732 Royston, Melbourn Road, Bus Stop opposite Green Street
0736 Royston Bus Station
0739 Royston, Priory Gardens Bus Stop, Outside Main Gates on Priory Lane
0742 Royston, Baldock Street, Old Morrisons Bus Stop
0755 Baldock, Market Place, Bus Shelter
0800 Baldock, London Road Shop Bus Stop
0820 Drop off at John Henry Newman School
15.20 Depart John Henry Newman School
(14.40 Fridays)
please note when school finishes at end of term we will pick up at the earlier time of close of school.
On Request  Baldock, London Road Bus Stop
On Request  Baldock, Market Place, Bus Shelter
On Request  Royston, Baldock Street, opposite Morrisons
On Request  Royston, Melbourn Street, Town Hall Bus Stop
On Request  Royston Bus Station
On Request  Royston, Priory Gardens Bus Stop, Outside Main Gates on Priory Lane
On Request  Royston, Melbourn Road, St Marys School Lay By Bus Stop
On Request  Royston, Melbourn Road Green Street Bus Stop
On Request  Royston, Fieldfare Way/Heron Way Bus Stop
Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Summer First Half Season Ticket
Summer Second Half Season Ticket
Annual Season Ticket
Fares only valid with Hertfordshire County Council Savercard, for adult fares multiply the fares listed below by two.                                                           
Day Return
Royston to School or Vice Versa
Baldock to School or Vice Versa


Below is a list of pick-up points available on this tour. Please note some pick up points may not be served on all departure dates.

Baldock London Road08:00TBA
Baldock Market Place07:55TBA
Royston Baldock Street07:42TBA
Royston Bus Station07:36TBA
Royston Fieldfare Way07:30TBA
Royston Melbourn Rd S07:32TBA
Royston Priory Gardens07:39TBA


Cash Single and Day return Fares will be sold on a first come first served basis, season ticket holders will take priority.

Season tickets are available for the return journey on a half term/full term or full school year basis, we are not able to offer just morning or just afternoon season tickets at this time.

No ticket: no ride. No exceptions!

Tickets may be inspected at any time whilst onboard the coach and anyone found using a counterfeit card will be prosecuted and all future travel withdrawn.

In order to travel on the 901 service either the correct season ticket must be shown to the driver or the correct fare there are no exceptions. Savercards need to be shown to the driver to purchase otherwise the adult fare will apply.

No refund will apply to season tickets where the school closes at short notice for up to 5 continuous days.

Season tickets refunds can only be made if the unexpired ticket is returned to our office. Any refund due will be made on the basis for the expired portion of the ticket on the basis it has been used every day for the operational dates listed at a daily return fare, the balance remaining will then be returned to your credit or debit card less £25 administration charge.

Example of Refund for a Royston Passenger.

Paid £337 for Autumn Term but on 15 October returns ticket for refund.

Days of operation from 5 September until 15 October inclusive = 30 days @ £6.00= £180

So refund £337-£180= £157 less £25 administration charge means we return £132 to the credit or debit card.

Lost season tickets will be replaced free of charge on the first occasion, thereafter a £25 administration fee will be charged.

Lost property can only be collected in person from our office between the hours of 09.00 and 17.00

We reserve the right to ban passengers from using the service should behaviour be deemed to be unsuitable.

We do not expect sweets, drinks and food to be consumed on the coach, litter should be taken home.

You will not be permitted to travel if you are wearing exceptionally dirty or soiled clothes i.e you have still got your sports kit on that has been soiled on the sports field! The drivers decision is final.

Sports bags or other bulky items must stowed in the luggage lockers, at all times gangways and emergency exits must be kept clear.

All tickets remain the property of H.V .Richmond Ltd trading as Richmond's Coaches and must be shown upon request to the driver or ticket inspector.